RIUDL stands as a transformative force in the educational sphere, particularly for students who confront academic challenges. Established with the mission to harness the power of policy debate, RIUDL provides a vibrant and dynamic platform for students to refine their critical thinking and communication skills. More than mere competitions, these debates serve as pivotal gateways to enhancing academic performance and elevating college readiness.

At RIUDL, we believe in the power of articulation and analytical thinking. Our programs are tailored to empower students, enabling them to express their thoughts with confidence and clarity. This initiative is reshaping the educational landscape in Rhode Island, turning learning into an engaging and effective journey.

Focusing primarily on students who struggle academically, RIUDL creates an environment that is both nurturing and stimulating. We are committed to aiding these students in overcoming their educational hurdles and unlocking their full potential. The benefits of our policy debate programs are manifold - enhancing critical thinking, improving research skills, developing public speaking prowess, and fostering teamwork and collaborative learning.

Our programs are designed to foster academic success through various avenues, including:

  • After-School Debate Practices: These sessions extend learning beyond the school day, offering personalized coaching and a platform to hone debate skills.
  • Weekend Debate Tournaments: Expanding learning opportunities to weekends, these tournaments encourage engagement with diverse ideas and foster a competitive yet collaborative spirit.
  • Summer Debate Institute: This two-week program intensifies the focus on debate skills and academic enrichment, preparing students for the school year ahead.

Policy debate at RIUDL is a tool for academic enhancement, covering a wide range of topics from socioeconomic issues to environmental concerns. It encourages extensive research, deepens understanding of public policies, and stimulates intellectual curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning.

Our history traces back to 1999. Today, RIUDL is an influential entity in the state's education system, actively engaging with over 12 schools and 5 school districts and continually striving to expand our impact and reach.